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Dec. 28, 2017

Are There Home Buyers During Holidays?

People are particularly busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most families are preoccupied with buying and wrapping gifts, cooking for family, and hosting parties. If that isn't enough to overwhelm you, you're welcome to throw in an Open House event in the middle of it all. And if you do, are there gonna be people who will come view your home?

Do People Buy Homes Post-Thanksgiving?

This is an age-old question that sellers consistently ask their agents during this time of the year. Realtors, like myself, would likely tell people that they should keep their homes in the market. But whenever I advise for or against something, I make sure that there is a sound basis for that advice. So, what could be considered a sound basis to keep your home in the market despite the busiest month of the year?

There ARE buyers during the holidays!

I'm sure you'd be skeptical. But statistics form the US Census Bureau and US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that in November 2017 alone, 733,00 new houses were sold to home buyers. And while the graphs show a downtrend towards the end of the year compared to Spring and summer home sales, the fact remains that there are buyers who are looking for homes during the holidays.

These are the people who are looking to start a new career in a different city by January or people who have recently sold their homes and need to find a new home to move into. December is also a prime month to move because most movers, brokers, and home inspectors are quite often available to attend to the limited number of buyers. Also, a great deal of buyers intently pursues buying this time so they could inspect the house for problems that are associated with the chillier parts of the year (i.e. problematic central heating system)

There are many reasons to motivate sellers to keep their homes listed and for buyers to look for homes during the holidays. Ultimately, it depends on the reasons why they are looking for or selling their home and whether it can be put off for another month or two to wait for Spring which is prime time for selling real estate properties.



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Dec. 26, 2017

Rental Properties: Is This Investment Option For You?

Real Properties Investing

Many people are slowly regaining their trust on the stability of the US real estate market. It had a shaky start 

Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the supply and demand, number of days in the market, neighborhood trends, median price, square footage and more. We’d love to invite you to do the same, given that interest rates are at an all-time low. Those who are looking forward to getting their home loans are surely going to enjoy lower monthly payments. Investors are particularly going to like the fact that they can maximize profits in this condition.

Banks are (once again) lenient with lending

Most, if not all, banks tightened their lending process after the house price crash in 2007 and 2008. Fixed rate loans are once again possible for loan applicants who meet the minimum requirements which include, but are not limited to, being employed and keeping a good credit standing. When the market picks up again during Spring, banks are expecting to receive a growing number of mortgage loan applications . With the supply and demand scale being tipped towards the buyers, selling prices are also expected to increase which is good news for home owners looking to sell homes. As for home buyers, it is best to beat the competition by scouring listings before the influx of buyers come during Spring and Summer.

Foreclosures take front and center

With the over 191,000 foreclosures filed in the third quarter of 2017, real estate websites are full of foreclosed listings at the moment. Great news about foreclosed properties is that they're much more affordable than brand new houses. Some real estate investors find it profitable to buy foreclosed homes, then flip and sell it at a profit. As for first-time home buyers, buying foreclosed homes may lead to much lighter mortgage payments. However, they need to make sure that the repair expenses are within their buffer or your supposed mortgage savings will get drained by repair and maintenance contractors. 


Like any other investing product, profiting from real estate involves an intimate understanding of how the real estate industry works. Consider you risk appetite, too, before taking the plunge. Overall, fortune still favors the bold but it is best to tread with caution especially when dealing for big-ticket expenses and investments.

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